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by Geoffrey E. Gilbert
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In Search of the Iðavöllr
Turning Heaven Upside Down 

Old Norse Cosmology
The Nine Worlds Explored

Where on Earth is Asgard?
What Snorri's Edda Really Says About Asgard

The Yggdrasil Chronicle
Historic Images of The World-Tree

Genealogy of the Germanic Gods
by Geoffrey E. Gilbert




1665  Edda, Islandorum
an. Chr. 1215 islandice conscripta

1818  Rasmus Rask Snorra Edda

Edda Snorra Sturlusonar
1848 Volume 1
1852 Volume 2
1880 Volume 3
1880-1887 Volume 3

1900 Finnur Jónsson

Snorri Sturluson Edda
1998 Anthony Faulkes, editor
Prologue and Gylfaginning
Introduction, Text and Notes
Glossary and Index of Names

Snorra-Edda: Formáli & Gylfaginning
A comparative version containing all manuscripts 


Snorri's Edda:The Prologue and Gylfaginning:
The 4 Primary Manuscripts

2007 Anthony Faulkes, editor

Háttatal 2nd Edition
Þulur: Lists of Names

1954 Guðni Jónsson
Snorra Eddu


1770 Paul Henri Mallet
Northern Antiquities Vol. II.

contains a translation of the Prose Edda
by Bishop Thomas Percy

1842 George Webbe Dasent
The Prose or Younger Edda

1879 Rasmus Anderson
The Younger Edda
containing the extended
I. Prologue from Codex Wormianus

II. Gylfaginninng
III. Selections from

1906 I.A. Blackwell
The Younger Eddas of Snorre Sturleson

1916 Arthur Gilchrist Brodeur
The Prose Edda by Snorri Sturluson
[Facing Text Translation]
I. Prologue and Gylfaginning
II. Skáldskaparmál

1988 Anthony Faulkes
Snorri Sturluson

2011 Anthony Faulkes
Snorra Edda: The Uppsala Manuscript
Old Norse Text with Facing English Translation

2007 Anthony Faulkes, editor. 2nd edtion 




Codex Regius no. 2365 (Facsimile Edition)
The Primary Manuscript of the Eddic Poems
Finnur Jónsson's text

How the Codex Regius Manuscript
came to be known as the Elder or Poetic Edda

AM I no. 748 (Facsimile Edition)
Seven Eddic poems including Baldurs draumar   
Finnur Jónsson's text

Hauksbók AM 544 4to
Contains a transcription of Völuspá p. 188ff.

Facsmile of the Hauksbök Manuscript
(Völuspá begins at 20 recto)
Mainpage at

Flateyjarbók GKS 1005 fol.
2v-3r Hyndluljod


1787 Edda Saemundar hinns fróda
Arnemagnean Edition
Volume 1 1787
Volume 2 1818
Volume 3 1828

1814 Frederich Heinrich von der Hagen

Die Edda-Lieder und die Niebelungen

1860 Theodor Möbius
Edda Sæmundar hins fróða

1867 Sophus Bugge
 Norrœn Fornkvæði:

Sæmundar Edda hins fróða
I. Excursus on Grógaldr and Fjölsvinnsmál
II. Against the authenticity of Hrafnagaldur Óðins

1868 Svend Grundtvig
Sæmundar Edda híns fróða: Den Ældre Edda

1876 Karl Hildebrand
Die Lieder der Ältern Edda

1888 Finnur Jónsson, E. Mögk
Eddalieder Vol. I.

1901 Barend Sijmons and Hugo Gering
Die Lieder der Edda
Volume 1, Part 1
Mythological Poems
Volume 1, Part 2 Heroic Poems

1903 Wilhelm Ranisch

Eddalieder: mit Grammatik,
Übersetzung und Erläuterungen


1903 F. Detter and R. Heinzel
Sæmundar Edda
Vols. 1-2

1932 Finnur Jónsson
Die Gamle Eddadigte

1956 Guðni Jónsson
Eddukvæði  (Eddic Poems)

1983 Gustav Neckel

Die Lieder des Codex Regius

Historic Editions and Translations of
The Poetic Edda

in All Languages


1643: The Discovery of
The Poetic Edda

The Earliest English Translations of
Individual Poems of the Poetic Edda

  Amos. S. Cottle
Icelandic Poetry, or The Edda of Saemund 

 1865-66 Benjamin Thorpe
The Edda of Saemund the Learned
Part I: The Mythological Poems
includes Hrafnagaldr Óðins

Part I: The Mythological Poems (e-texts)
Part II: The Heroic Poems
Reissued abridged and rearranged by
The Norrœna Society in 1906 as

The Elder Edda of Saemund Sigfusson
by Benjamin Thorpe
and the
Younger Edda of Snorre Sturluson
by I.A. Blackwell
1883 Gudbrand Vigfusson
Corpus Poeticum Boreale
 Volume 1: Eddic Poetry

Volume 2: Court Poetry
 1908 Olive Bray
The Elder or Poetic Edda
Commonly known as Saemund's Edda
The Elder or Poetic Edda (multiple formats)

1923 Henry Adams Bellows
The Poetic Edda
The Poetic Edda

1919 Lee M. Hollander

"Concerning a Proposed
Translation of the Edda"

1962 Lee M. Hollander

The Poetic Edda
 (Preview Only)

1989 Patricia Terry
Poems of the Elder Edda
Revised edition
1996 Carolyne Larrington
The Poetic Edda
  (Preview Only)
Carolyne Larrington
Old Norse Made New

Translating the Poetic Edda into English
(A historic overview of Eddic translation)

2011 Andy Orchard
The Elder Edda: A Book of Viking Lore
A Review by Haukur Þorgeirsson
    Translations of the Poetic Edda
in Languages other than English
 [French, German, Spanish, Danish and Swedish]

Individual Eddic Poems


A Study Guide

A Study Guide

A Study Guide

A Study Guide

Gróugaldr and Fjölsvinnsmál
A Study Guide

Hrafnagaldur Óðins
A Study Guide
The "Lost" Eddic Poem Reclaimed
with Texts, Translations and Scholarship


Baldrs Draumar

A Critical Edition

The Song of the Sun

An Apocryphal Eddic Poem


1986 David A. H. Evans

2008 Clive Tolley

Skaldic Poetry   


The Skaldic Project Database

1801 Thorlacius
Höstlangæ et Thorsdrapæ
[Haustlöng and Thorsdrapa]
1870 Theodor Wisén

Úrval af norrænum fornkvæðum
 handa hinum bókmennta-iðkendum

1893 Finnur Jónsson

Carmina Norroena

English Translations
of Skaldic Poetry

1763 Thomas Percy
Five Pieces of Runic Poetry

1867 Grímur Thomsen
On the Character of the Old Northern Poetry


North British Review, 46-47, p. 77
includes a full translation of Hákonarmál

1782 James Johnstone
Lodbrokar-Quida or
The Death-Song of Ragnar Lodbrog

1883 Gudbrand Vigfusson
Corpus Poeticum Boreale
 Volume 1: Eddic Poetry
Volume 2: Court Poetry

1922 Nora Chadwick
Anglo-Saxon and Norse Poems

1936 Lee Milton Hollander
Old Norse Poems:
The Most Important Non-Skaldic Verse
Þórsdrápa / Thor's drapa
A Critical Edition
Eysteinn Björnsson's
Lexicon of Kennings
Based on the work of Rudolf Meisner


Popular Retellings of Norse Myths
& Classic Illustration Galleries
The Largest Gallery of Norse
Mythological-Themed Artwork Online

Heimdall and Hnossa
by Willie Pogány



Modern Translations

1835 John Kemble
The Anglo-Saxon Poems of Beowulf,
The Travellers Song and the Battle of Finnesburg

Text and Dictionary

1842 Benjamin Thorpe

Codex Exoniensis (The Exeter Book)
A Collection of Anglo-Saxon Poetry

1855 Benjamin Thorpe
The Anglo-Saxon Poems of
with Widsith and the Finnsburg Fragment

1860 George Stephens
Two Leaves of King Waldere's Lay

1885 James M. Garnett
Beowulf: An Anglo-Saxon Poem and
The Fight at Finnsburg

1907 William Henry Crawshaw

The Making of English Literature


1911 Albert S. Cook
A Concordance to Beowulf

1914 A. J. Wyatt & R. W. Chambers
Beowulf with the Finnsburg Fragment

1918 Cosette Faust & Sith Thompson
Old English Poems Translated
into the Original Meter

Contains a full translation of the Aecerbot pp. 38ff.

1921 Raymond Wilson Chambers
Beowulf: An Introduction to the Study of the Poem

1977 Howell D. Chickering

Beowulf: a Dual-Language Edition

2002 Benjamin Slade

Beowulf: Text with Facing Translation
Charm for a Sudden Stitch 

Deor: Text with Facing Translation
Waldere: Text with Facing Translation
Woden's Nine Herbs Charm

2002 Alexander M. Bruce
Scyld and Scef: Expanding the Analogues

9th Century Muspilli
English Translation

10th century
The Merseburg Charms
Text and Translation

15th-16th centuries
Das Heldenbuch
The Book of Heroes
Texts, Translations, Scholarship

Fredrich David Gräter
Publisher of Bragur and
Idunna and Hermode

1814 Henry Weber
Illustrations of Northern Antiquitities
Abstract of the Book of Heroes and the Nibelungen Lay

1816 Karl Lachmann
Nibelungen Noth

1854 Karl Simrock
Bertha die Spinerinn

1857-58 Franz Xaver von Schönwerth
Aus der Oberpfalz
Sitten und Sagen
(in German)
Vol. I (Customs)
Vol. II   (Mythology)

1864 Emma Letherbrow
Gudrun: A Story of the North Sea

1892 Marion Dexter Learned

The Saga of Walther of Aquitaine

1878 Eduard Sievers
Heliand (in Old Saxon)

1882 Otto Behaghel
The Old Saxon Heliand
The Old Saxon Heliand

1969 Mariana Scott
Heliand with Facing Text English Translation

1909 Daniel B. Shumway
The Nibelungenlied

1902 Otto Luitpold Jiriczek
Northern Hero Legends

2003 Erika Timm with Adolf Beckmann
Frau Holle, Frau Percht
and Related Figures

A Distribution Map of her Legends
2004 Edward R. Haymes
The Germanic Heldenlied and the Poetic Edda:
Speculations on Preliterary History
Oral Tradition, Volume 19, Number 1

2007 Heidi Graw
King Rother: An English Translation
The earliest Spielmannepos (c. 1190 AD)

2009 Heidi Graw
: An English Translation

Middle High German Spielmannspos (12th century)

Frau Holle & Krumme Jakob:
A Bavarian Legend

Medieval Scandinavian Ballads
with mythological themes

1834-1842 Adolf Iwar Arwidsson
Svenska Fornsånger

Svenska folkvisor från forntiden

edited by Erik Gustaf Geijer, Arvid August Afzelius
1848  Volume 1
1880 Volume 2 
 Svend Grundtvig
Danmarks Gamle Folkeviser
1853 Volume I
1856 Volume II

(70. Ungen Svendal )

1862 Volume III
1883 Volume IV
1877-1890 Volume V

1867 Sophus Bugge
 Excursus on Gróugaldr and Fjölsvinnsmál
with English translations of portions of the ballad of Svendal

Didriks Chronicle —Svava
Dietrich's Chronicle—Svava
Skokloster-Codex I
 115 & 116 quarto, E 9013, K 45, 4o
Text by Oscar Hyltén-Cavallius
English by Rolf Badenhausen



  The Germanic Lexicon Project

ONP: Dictionary of Old Norse Prose
Manuscript Index / Works Index 

1874 Richard Cleasby & Gudbrand Vigfusson
 1. An Icelandic-English Dictionary
2. An Icelandic-English Dictionary

Sveinbjörn Egilsson

Lexicon Poeticum
The editions of 1860,  1913-16,  & 1932

1845 James S. Ferrall & Þorleifur Guðmundsson Repp
A Danish-English Dictionary

1887 Hugo Gering
Glossar zu den Liedern der Edda

1903 Hugo Gering

Vollständiges Wörterbuch zu den Liedern der Edda

Complete Dictionary of the Poems of the Edda
1910 Geir T. Zöega
A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic (e-text)
A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic (Text Scan)
A Concise Dictionary of Old Icelandic (Interactive) 

1898 Joseph Bosworth & T. Northcote Toller
Anglo-Saxon Dictionary (e-text)
Anglo-Saxon Dictionary (Text Scan)
Anglo-Saxon Dictionary (Text Scan)

1916 John R. Clark Hall
A Concise Anglo-Saxon Dictionary
Dictionary of Old Icelandic Personal Names (Russian)


1770 Paul Henri Mallet
Northern Antiquities
Volume 1 1770
Volume 1 Reprinted 1809
1770 Joseph Banks
Letters on Iceland
19th Century Scholarship

1828 Finn Magnusson
The Edda Doctrine and Its Origin


Wilhelm Grimm, Die Deutsche Heldensage
1829 First Edition
1889 Third Edition

Jacob Grimm
Deutsche Mythologie

1835 edition
Jacob Grimm's
Teutonic Mythology

Translated by James Stalleybrass
Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4
1839 Grenville Pigott
A Manual of Scandinavaian Mythology

1847 George Bernard Depping & Francisque Michel
Wayland Smith: A Dissertation
on a Tradition of the Middle Ages

1851 Benjamin Thorpe

 Northern Mythology

1852 William & Mary Howitt
The Literature and Romance
of Northern Europe

1854 Rudolf Keyser
The Religion of the Northmen

1876 George Browning
The Edda Songs and Sagas of Iceland

1877 M.B. Richert
Försök till belysning afmörkare
och oförstådda ställeni den poetiska eddan
Attempt to illuminate the dark and obscure passages in the Poetic Edda
Excerpts in English: An Analysis of  Hávamál 104-110

1877 Karl Blind
The Teutonic Tree of Existence
1878 George Stephens
Thunor the Thunderer
Carved on a Scandinavian Font of about the year 1000
1881 Llewellynn Jewitt
"A Few Words on the Fylfot Cross"

1883 Hans Hildebrand

Industrial Arts of Scandinavia in Pagan Times

1883 George Stephens
Prof. S. Bugge's studies on
Northern mythology shortly examined 

1888 Eiríkr Magnússon
On Hávamál

1889 Julius Hoffery

1889 Viktor Rydberg
Teutonic Mythology (Vol. 1 of 2)
1895 Eiríkr Magnússon
Odin's Horse Yggdrasill

1896 Eiríkr Magnússon

Edda: Its Derivation and Meaning
cf. Anthony Faulkes, 'Edda'

1898 A.R. Skemp
"On Odin and Thor in Old Norse Poetry"

1898 Victor Nilsson
Loddfáfnismál: An Eddic Study

1899 Hjalmar Rued
Scandinavian Influence on English Literature

1899 Sophus Bugge
Home of the Eddic Poems

20th Century Scholarship

1900 H. Munro Chadwick
The Oak and the Thunder-God

1902 Pierre Daniel Chantepie de la Saussaye
The Religion of the Teutons
1903 Frank Edgar Farley
Scandinavian Influences in the
English Romantic Movement

1904 Sivert N. Hagen
The Origin and Meaning of the Name Yggdrasill

1904 Andrew Peter Fors
The Ethical World-Conception
of the Norse People
1907 George Tobias Flom
A History of Scandinavian Studies
in American Universities

1913 Karl Mortensen
Handbook of Norse Mythology

1913 Bertha S. Phillpotts
"Germanic Heathenism"
in Cambridge Medieval History, Volume 2

1914 Adolf Burnett Benson
The Old Norse Element in Swedish Romanticism

1919 M. J. Rudwin

The Origin of the German Carnival Comedy

1920 Halldór Hermannson
Islandica Vol. XIII
Bibliography of the Eddas
1921 Rudolf Meissner
Die Kenningar der Skalden
The Kennings of the Skalds

1933 Jan de Vries
The Problem of Loki
The Classic Study of Loki
1942 Hilda Roderick Ellis (Davidson)
The Road to Hel

1970s Jere Fleck
Four by Fleck
Excerpts from Jere Fleck's influential articles
on Sacred Kingship and Odin's Self-Sacrifice

1974 Eleazar Meletinskij
Scandinavian Mythology
as a System of Oppositions

1974 Folke Ström
Níð, Ergi and Old Norse Moral Attitudes

1985 Robert J. Glendinning, Haraldur Bessason editors
*Edda a Collection of Essays
1988 Hilda Ellis Davidson 
*Myths and Symbols in Pagan Europe
 Early  Scandinavian and Celtic Religions

1993 Phillip Pulsiano & Kirsten Wolf editors
*Medieval Scandinavia: An Encyclopedia

1994 Margaret Clunies Ross
excerpts from Prolonged Echoes:
Old Norse Myths in Medieval Northern Society
On Cosmology
On Mythic Time

1995 Terry Gunnell
*The Origins of Drama in Scandinavia

1997 Lotte Motz

The Germanic Thunder Weapon

 1999 Thomas Andrew DuBois
*Nordic Religions in the Viking Age

21st Century Scholarship

2001 John Lindow
The Nature of Mythic Time
excerpt from *Handbook of Norse Mythology


2002 Alexander M. Bruce
*Scyld & Scef: Expanding the Analogues

2002 Paul Acker & Carolyne Larrington, eds.
*The Poetic Edda: A Collection of Essays

2004 Brian Murdoch and Malcom Kevin Read, ed.
*Early Germanic Literature and Culture

2004 Heather O'Donoghue
*Old Norse-Icelandic Literature: A Short Introduction
2004 Maria Kvilhaug
The Maiden with the Mead
Masters Dissertation, University of Oslo

2005 John McKinnell
*Meeting the Other in Old Norse Myth and Legend

2011 Christopher Abram
*Myths of the Pagan North

2013 Paul Acker and Carolyne Larrington, eds.
*Revisiting the Poetic Edda

Biographies, Bibliographies, Contacts


The Saga-Book
of the 
Viking Society
for Northern Research
Since 1894
[All Publications] [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] [16] [17] [18] [19] [20] [21] [22] [23] [24] [25] [26] [27] [28] [29] [30] [31] [32] [33]
These are .pdf files & may take time to load

    The International Saga Conference
[11th Annual][12th Annual] [13th Annual][13]
[14th Annual][15th Annual]
Scandinavian Studies
The Journal of the Society for the Advancement
of Scandinavian Study since 1911



The Journal of Indo-European Studies

Early Indo-European Online
at The University of Texas, Austin


Indo-European Texts and Translations

1896 Ralph T. H. Griffith, translator
Hymns of the Rigveda

1896 Ralph T. H. Griffith, translator
The Hymns of the Rigveda,  2nd edition
[searchable e-text]
1905 William Dwight Whitney, Translator
Atharva-veda Samhita

First Half, Introduction, Books I-VII
Second Half, Books VII-XIX, Index

Avesta: The Zoroastrian Archives

prior to 1910


Proceedings of the Annual UCLA
Indo-European Conference Archives

1963 Marija Gimbutas
The Balts

1973 Georges Dumézil
Gods of the Ancient Northmen (2)

*1988 Languages and Cultures:
Studies in Honor of Edgar C. Polomé

*1997 J.P. Mallory and D. Q. Adams

Encyclopedia of Indo-European Culture

2006 J.P Mallory and D.Q. Adams

The Oxford Introduction to Proto Indo-European
and the Proto-Indo-European World
*Indicates preview only


 Fornaldarsogur Nordrlanda: Texts, Translations, Scholarship


Finnur Jónsson
Ari Fróði's Landnámabók I-III

1898 Rev. T. Ellwood M.A.
The Book of the Settlement of Iceland


   Collected Sources

Árni Magnússon
and the Great Fire of Copenhagen 1728

Árni Magnússon Institute
of Eddas, Islendingar sögur, and Fornaldarsögur
(Manuscripts of Sagas, Poetry and Rímur)

Nordic Texts and Poems

A Bibliographic Overview

   Pre-Christian Religions of the North: Sources

Septentrionalia. the Medieval North
An extensive collection of source material and scholarship


Icelandic Sagas (in Old Icelandic)

Icelandic Thættir (in Old Icelandic)

Loka Tháttur: A Faroese Kvæði
with facing English Translation

Historic Saga Collections
and Commentaries 


Fornmanna Sögur
in 12 volumes

An Early Collection of Icelandic Sagas

5 maps from the Saga Translations
of William Morris and Eirikur Magnusson

of Icelandic Sagas and Thættir
Index of The Complete Sagas of the Icelanders

& more at

Halldór Hermannsson
Bibliography of the Icelandic Sagas and Minor Tales
Islandica Vol. I

Icelandic Saga Database
Icelandic Texts with
English, German and French Translations

1878 Gudbrand Vigfusson

Sturlunga Saga   
Vol. I
Vol. II

1891 Eiríkr Magnússon and William Morris
The Saga Library Volume I

The Story of the Banded Men (E-text)
Bandamanna saga
Bandamanna saga Ed. Hallvard Magerøy

1861 George Webbe Dasent
The Story of Burnt Njal
1900 (Abridged) The Story of Burnt Njal
Brennu-Njáls saga

1893 William Charles Green
The Story of Egil Skallagrimsson
Egils saga

Egils saga Ed. Bjarni Einarsson
Map of Borgarfjǫrðr

1880 John Sephton
Eirik the Red's Saga
Eiríks saga rauða

1892 Eiríkr Magnússon and William Morris
The Saga Library Volume II
 The Story of the Ere-Dwellers
 Eyrbyggja Saga

1869 Eiríkr Magnússon and William Morris
The Story of Grettir the Strong

1890 S. Baring-Gould
with illustrations by M. Zeno Diemer
Grettir the Outlaw: A Story of Iceland

1914 G.H. Hight

Grettir's saga 
Grettis saga
1866 George Webbe Dasent
with illustrations by C.E. St. John Mildmay
The Story of Gísli the Outlaw
Gísla saga Súrssonar

1901 Eiríkr Magnússon and William Morris 
The Saga of Gunnlaug Worm-Tongue
 Gunnlaugs saga ormstungu

 The Saga of Gunnlaug Serpent-Tongue Ed. R. Quirk

1891 Eiríkr Magnússon and William Morris 
The Story of Howard the Halt
Hávarðar Saga Ísfirðings

1892 Eiríkr Magnússon and William Morris 
The Story of the Heath Slayings
 Heiðarvíga saga

1891 Eiríkr Magnússon and William Morris
Hen Thorir
Hænsna Þóris Saga

1902 Jón Stéfanssón and William G. Collingwood

The Life and Death of Cormac the Skald

 Kormáks saga

1910 Muriel A.C. Press
Laxdæla Saga
Laxdæla saga


1882 New Englander and Yale Review, Vol. 41

Folk songs of the Faroe Islands
includes Loka thattur

The modern work now known as ORKNEYINGA SAGA
or "History of the Men of Orkney" is in reality a complex work
made up of parts of different date and character:

a. Chapters 1-3, Fundinn Noregr 
b. Chapters 4-38, Jarla Saga
c. Chapters 39-55, St Magnus Saga
d. Chapter 60, Iarteina bók
e. Chapters 56-59, the History of Earl Rognwald
f. Chapters 61-118, the History of Swain Asleifsson

In the Flateyjarbók, the saga is cut into five pieces and
inserted into a series of the Lives of the Kings of Norway.

1873 Jón A. Hjaltalín & Gilbert Goudie
Edited with notes by Joseph Anderson
Orkneyinga Saga
Orkneyinga Saga

1894 George W. Dasent

 The Orkneyingers' Saga
Orkneyinga Saga

1866 Sir Edmund Head
Viga-Glum's Saga (Scan)
The Story of Viga-Glúm
 Víga-Glúms saga / Víga-Glúms saga

1901 Eiríkr Magnússon and William Morris
The Saga of Viglund the Fair

Víglundar saga

1882 John Coles

The Story of Thórðr Hreða
Þórðar saga hreðu

1971 Herman Pálsson
Hrafkel's Saga and Other Icelandic Stories

2004 J.M Dent
Three Icelandic Outlaw Sagas
 The Saga of Gisli
The Saga of Grettir
The Saga of Hord


Legendary Sagas of the Northland  
Texts in Old Icelandic
Icelandic Texts online at Netutgafan

Icelandic Texts online at Heimskringla
edited by
Guðni Jónsson & Bjarni Vilhjálmsson

1829-30 Carl Christian Rafn
Fornaldar Sögur Nordrlanda
1829 Volume I   
Volume II  
Volume III
Index of this often-cited collection

1887-89 Valdimar Ásmundarsson
Fornaldarsögur Norðrlanda
1887-88 Volumes 1-2
1889 Volume 3

Index of the Complete
Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda
in English Translation
1901 Eiríkr Magnússon

Three Northern Love Stories and Other Tales
The Story Of Gunnlaug The Worm-Tongue
and Raven The Skald
The Story Of Frithiof The Bold
The Story Of Viglund the Fair
The Tale Of Hogni And Hedinn
The Tale Of Roi The Fool 
The Tale Of Thorstein Staff-Smitten  

1923 Nora Kershaw
Stories and Ballads of the Far Past
The Tháttr of Nornagest
The Tháttr of Sörli
The Saga of Hromund Greipsson
The Saga of Hervör and Heithrek

1985 Hermann Pálsson & Paul Edwards
*Seven Viking Romances
Bosi and Herraud
Egil and Asmund
Halfdan Eysteinsson
King Gautrek
Arrow Odd
Thorstein Mansion-Might

1965 Ed. R. G. Finch
The Saga of the Volsungs  
1980 Anthony Faulkes
Stories from Sagas of Kings
with Völsi þattur


Fornaldarsögur Norðurlanda:
A Bibliography of Manuscripts,
Editions, Translations, and Secondary Literature.
Compiled by
M.J. Driscoll & Silvia
1912 Halldór Hermannsson
Bibliography of the Mythical-Heroic Sagas

  Islandica Vol. V

Other Genres

Knight's Sagas/Romances of Chivalry
 Þiðreks saga af Bern
Guðni Jónsson, editor
1715 Johan Peringskiold, editor

1815 Friedrich Heinrich von der Hagen, editor
Wilkina- und Niflunga-Saga
 oder Dietrich von Bern und die Nibelungen



Ancient Histories 

The Latin Library

The Internet Medieval Sourcebook

Tacitus, Germania
Translated by Thomas Gordon, 1910

The Works of Tacitus
 Translated by Alfred Church and William Brodribb

Origin and Deeds of the Goths,
Translated by Charles C. Mierow, 1908

The Gothic History of Jordanes
 Translated by Charles C. Mierow, 1915

Gregory of Tours (539-594):
History of the Franks: Books I-X
Translated by Earnest Brehaut  1916.

Martin of Braga
De Correctione Rusticorum
Origio Gentis Langobardorum

Paulus Diaconus
Historia Langobardorum
chs. 1-19
with facing Latin text & Origio Gentis Langobardorum ch. 1

Paul the Deacon
, The History of the Longobards
Translated by William D. Foulke 1907 

Vita Karoli Magni
Einhard: The Life of Charlemagne
Translated by Samuel Epes Turner 1880

Widukindus Corbeius
Rerum  gestarum  Saxonicarum
Die Sachsengeschichte des Widukind von Korvei
Edited by Paul Hirsch und Hans E. Lohmann, 1935


Life of Anskar
The Apostle of the North, 801-865

Alucin (735-804)
The Life of Willibrord, c.796
[ch. 15 introduces the god Forsite]

Chronicon Lethrense  [.pdf]
Chronicle of the Kings of Lejre
partial translation

10th century
Rusiyyah of Ibn Fadlan
James E. Montgomery's Translation

Rusila of Ibn Fadhlan
presented by the Viking Answer Lady

1999 Theodoricus Monachus
Historia de Antiquitate Regum Norwagiensium
The Ancient History of the Norwegian Kings
Translated and annotated by David and Ian McDougall 

2006 Siân Grønlie
Íslendingabók. Kristni saga
The Book of the Icelanders
The Story of the Conversion

2010 Peter Jens Schjødt

Ibn Fadlan's Account of a Rus Funeral:
To What Degree Does it Reflect Norse Myth?"
(Review and Excerpt)

1999 Christine Peel
Gutasaga, The Saga of the Gotlanders
2004 Peter Tunstall
Gutarnas Krönika eller Gutasagan
The History of the Gotlanders

11th Century
Adam of Bremen

Gesta Hammaburgensis ecclesiae pontificum
[in Latin]


History of the Arch-Bishops of Hamburg-Bremen

English Translation by Francis Tschan, 1911
1673 Johannes Gerhard Scheffer
Lapponia: The History of Lappland
Excerpts on Pagan Worship

The Danish History of

Saxo Grammaticus


Saxo Grammaticus

 Gesta Danorum

1859 Petrus Erasmus Muller

Saxonis Grammatici Historia Danica  

1886 Alfred Holder. editor
Saxonis Grammatici Gesta Danorvm
1894 Oliver Elton Translation
The First Nine Books of the
Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus
The First English Translation of Saxo's Work
Online Medieval and Classical Library 

The Danish History of Saxo Grammaticus
with facing Latin & the
Oliver Elton translation
*The History of the Danes
Translated by Peter Fisher
with commentary by Hilda Ellis Davidson



The 'Fair Skin' Manuscript

1848 P. A. Munch, C. R. Unger, ed.

1903 Finnur Jónsson
*2004 Alison Finlay

Fagrskinna: A Catalog of the Kings of Norway

The 'Dark Skin' Manuscript

1932 Morkinskinna
Edited by Finnur Jónsson

*2000 Kari Ellen Gade
Morkinskinna, The Earliest Icelandic
Chronicle of the Norwegian Kings (1030-1157)

 1910 Halldór Hermannsson
Bibliography of the Sagas of the Kings of Norway
and related sagas and tales


Snorri Sturluson's
Heimskringla (Old Icelandic)

1780 Jim Johnstone
Anecdotes of Olave the Black,
by Snorro Sturlson
Vol. I
Carl Christian Rafn

Oldnordiske Sagær (Old Icelandic)
1826 Volume 1 Kong Olaf Tyggvesons Saga
 1827 Volume 2 Kong Olaf Tyggvesons Saga

1849 R. Keyser & C.R. Unger


Olafs saga hins helga

P.A. Munch
Norges kongesagaer

Finnur Jónsson
Norges kongesagaer [Illustrated edition]
Vol. I-II
Vol. III

Samuel Laing
The Heimskringla
Translated by Rasmus Björn Anderson

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3

1893 Eiríkir Magnussón & William Morris

The Stories of the Kings of Norway
called The Round World

Heimskringla (Saga Library 3-7)
Vol. I
Vol. II
Vol. III
Vol. IV

1991 Diana Whaley
Heimskringla. An Introduction 

2011 Alison Finlay and Anthony Faulkes
Part I
Part II
Part III



Archeological Sites
from the Heathen Era
The Kivik King's Grave

The Hochdorf Grave Goods
The Gundestrup Cauldron

Ötzi, The Ice-Man

1848 Royal Society of Northern Antiquities of Copenhagen
Guide to Northern Archæology

1888 Oscar Montelius

The Civilisation of Sweden in Heathen Times

1890 Paul B. Du Chaillu
The Viking Age
Volume I
Volume II

1892 George H. Boehmer
Prehistoric Naval Architecture
of the North of Europe

1904 Gilbert Goudie

The Celtic and Scandinavian
Antiquities of Shetland


Evidence of Early Astronomy

Peter Krüger's
Germanic Astronomy
An Attempt to Recover the
Old Heathen Constellations of Northern Europe

Dr. Christopher E. Johnsen's
Observations in
Eddic Astronomy

   1934 Otto Sigfrid Reuter
Germanische Himmelskunde
The Northern Nightime Sky
in Germanic Tradition

A Star-Map

The Nebra Disc Deciphered   

Scandinavian Daymarks:
 Telling Time Without a Clock 


Göran Henriksson
The Pagan Great Midwinter Sacrifice
and the ‘Royal’ Mounds at Old Uppsala



Arild Hauge's Rune Site
A Collection of Runes and Rune Lore

1854 C.C. Rafn

Remarks on a Danish Runic Stone
from the Eleventh Century

1868 George Stephens
The Runic Hall in the Danish
Old-Northern Museum

1877 Eirikr Magnusson
On a Runic Calendar found in Lapland in 1866

1879 Eiríkr Magnússon
Description of a Norwegian Clog-Calendar

1879 Gilbert Goudie
On Rune Inscribed Relics of
the Norsemen in Shetland

1884 George Stephens
Handbook of the Old-Northern
Runic Monuments of Scandinavia and England

1891 Viktor Rydberg
Hjältesagan om Rökstenen
or The Heroic Saga on the Rök Stone

1894 George Stephens

The Runes, Whence Came They

1900 Elis Wadstein

The Clermont Runic Casket

(i.e. The Franks' Casket)

1910 George Tobias Flom
The Kensington Runestone

1915 Bruce Dickins, ed.
Runic and Heroic Poems of the Old Teutonic Peoples
1999 R. I. Page, editor

The Icelandic Rune-Poem

1922 Eric Brate
Sverges Runinskrifter
Sweden's Runic Inscriptions w/illustrations

2014 Cypher Runes:
Medieval Text Messaging and Early Encryption

An English Dictionary of Runic Inscriptions
in the Younger Futhark

Swedish Poet and Scholar


Viktor Rydberg
The Complete Mythological Works
Including Original Translations of
Teutonic Mythology
(Investigations into Germanic Mythology Vol. I)
The Sword of Victory
1870 to Present
Over a Century of Scholarship
pertaining to Viktor Rydberg and his work

 Dispelling Disinformation
Exposing the truth behind the internet campaign  
to discredit Viktor Rydberg and his work

I. The Curious Case of
the Mis-Captioned Cartoon:

"The Barbarians Enter the Forum"

II. Rydberg & Racism:

Exposing false allegations of 'Aryan' Racism
and Anti-Semitism perpetrated by internet cults
opposed to Rydberg's mythological thesis.

III. Was Viktor Rydberg Gay?
Examining the evidence for the post-modern theory
in light of newly discovered letters.

The Viktor Rydberg Society
Viktor Rydberg-sällskapet

Viktor's Site
His Life, His Books, His Face
by Tore Lund
Author of Den trogne smugglaren



 William P. Reaves

The Aesir and the Elves

Ásmegin: Thor's Might
and the Belt of Strength

The Cult of Freyr and Freyja

Freyja's fressa
A car drawn by cats?
Going to Hel:
The Consequences of a Heathen Life

Heimdall: Bridging the Gap
The Life and Times of
The Guardian of the Gods 
In Search of the Iðavöllr
  The Place the Gods Gather 

Odin's Wife:
Mother Earth in Germanic Mythology

** Now in Print **
Old Norse Cosmology
Images of Yggdrasil and the Nine Worlds
Thor's Burden
The Trouble with Translating
minn ögur— in Hárbarðsljóð 13

Týr the One-Handed:
Who's Your Daddy?

Where on Earth is Asgard?
What Snorri's Edda Really Says About Asgard

Eysteinn Björnsson's

Mats Wendt
The Complete Norse Mythology
Set to Music
A Symphonic Suite in 158 parts
Over 16 hours of music

The Heathen Host 
The Norroena Society
The Asatru Edda & Other Publications
Research Articles,

The Sedian Nation

Genealogy of the Germanic Gods
by Geoffrey E. Gilbert

The Icelandic Asatru Fellowship
Heathen Books by Heathen Authors



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1893 Odin by Georg C. Rosen

"Hétomk Grímr, hétomk Gangleri,
Herian ok Hiálmberi,
Þekkr ok Þriði,
Þuðr ok Uðr,

Helblindi ok Hár;

46. ‘I am called Battle-mask, I am called Wanderer, War-lord and Helm-bearer, Knowing and Third, Thund and Ud,
Hel-blind and High,

Saðr ok Svipall
ok Sanngetall,

Herteitr ok Hnikarr,
Bileygr, Báleygr,
Bölverkr, Fiölnir,

Grímr ok Grímnir,
Glapsviðr ok Fiölsviðr;

47. ‘Truth and Fleeting, and Truth-getter,
Host-glad, Inciter, Feeble-eye, Blaze-eye, Bale-worker, Hider, Battle-mask and Masked One, Seducer and Much-wise,

Síðhöttr, Síðskeggr,
Sigföðr, Hnikuðr,

Alföðr, Valföðr,
Atríðr ok Farmatýr;

eino nafni
hétomk aldregi,

síz ek með fólkom fór."

48. ‘Drooping hat, Drooping-beard, Victory-father, Egger-on, All-father, Corpse-father, Attacking-rider, Cargo-god, by one name I have never been known, since I fared forth among the folks.'

from Grímnismál 46-48
2011 Andy Orchard Translation

"The eye for our antiquities often merely wants opening,"
—Jacob Grimm
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