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The Earliest Artistic Representations
of Old Norse Gods and Mythological Scenes

Treasures of Medieval Art
Scandinavian Idol: The First Season

The Iconography of Óðinn
by Joshua Rood

The Oseberg Tapestry
Selected Images

"When time was young, what is was not..."
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Miscellaneous Works of Art
from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries


1555 Olaus Magnus, Archbishop of Uppsala

Historia de Gentibus Septentrionalibus
Woodcut Illustrations


1605 Richard Verstegan
Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Antiquities
Illustrations of the Names of the Days of the Week
 Also See Derivative Works 
1648 Elias Schedius
De Diis Germanis

"The Gods of the Germans"

1673 Johannes Scheffer
Lapponia: The History of Lappland

Depicting scenes of Heathen Worship
1680 Anonymous
AM 738 4to Edda Oblongata
Illustrated Manuscript
1691 Trogillus Arnkiel's
Cimbrische Heyden-Religion

Depicting Germanic Gods

For single works of art or artists with limited Nordic-themed works
Also See
Miscellaneous Works of Art

1719 Bernard de Montfaucon
L'Antiquité expliquée et représentée en figures

1720-1729 John Michael Rysbrack
The Saxon Gods
1760 Ólafur Brynjúlfsson
Sæmundar og Snorra Edda
ed Manuscript
1771 Dr. Andreas Gottlieb Masch
The Prillwitz Idols

1773 Johannes Ewald
Balders Død / The Death of Balder
Translated by George Borrow
1777 Josef Schimmelmann
Die Isländische Edda
1780 Johannes Wiedewelt
 The Royal Production of Johannes Ewald's  'Balders Død'
Illustrations by Johannes Wiedewelt
Music and Libretto for the Operetta
Johannes Ewald's Balders Død
Illustrations by Daniel Chodowiecki
1790s William Blake
Illustrations for Thomas Gray's
"The Descent of Odin"

For single works of art or artists with limited Nordic-themed works
Also See
Miscellaneous Works of Art
1812-1813 Frederich David Gräter
Idunna and Hermode

The Mythology Feud

A Battle for Artistic Freedom
1821 Herman Ernst Freund
A Pioneer in Modern Norse Art
Sculptor of The Ragnarök Frieze
[Click here for a panoramic view of the Ragnarok Frieze]

1822 Nils Henrik Sjöborg
Samlingar för Nordens Fornälskare

1830 Hugo Hamilton
Teckningar ur Skandinaviens Äldre Historia

1831 Gustav Thormod Legis
Alkuna: Nordische und Nordslawische Mythologie

1832 Amalia von Schoppe
Die Helden und Götter des Nordens

1837 Leopold Ziegelhauser
Allgemeine Populäre Götterlehre
1838 Unknown Artist
"Idols of the Saxons"
in Ladies Garland, Vol. I

1841 Philippe Le Bas'
Historia de la Alemania, Volume 1
Illustrations of Slavic Gods

1843 Guido Görres
Der hürnen Siegfried
und sein Kampf mit dem Drachen

Illustrations by Wilhelm Kaulbach

1845 J. Th. Lundbye, P.C. Skovgaard and Lorenz Frølich
Interior Decorations for
I. 'Den Nye Studenterforenings Nordiske Højtid'
The New Student Association's Nordic Feast
Mindeblade om den Nordiske Høitid
II. Souvenir Book of the Nordic Festival, 13 January 1845
An Autograhie of Frølich, Lundbye and Skovgaard

1845 Adam Gottlob Oehlenschläger

The Gods of the North:
An Epic poem in English Translation
Lorenz Frolich Illustrations (1885 edition)

1845 Patricio de la Escosura 
Manual de Mitología
Illustrations by Ortega
1848 Wilhelm Kaulbach
The Heroic Life and Exploits of
Siegfried the Dragon-Slayer


1849 Joseph-Jacques Odolant-Desnos
Mythologie Pittoresque
Scandinavian Gods

1850s Carl Christian Peters
Ceramic Art

Gustav Heidenreich, Gustav Richter and Robert Müller
Aus dem Sagenkreis der Edda
A Fresco-Cycle in the Neues Museum, Berlin
[Heavily Damaged during World War II]

1850s Contantin Hansen
Danemarks kunsthistorie for folket
and other works

1855 Matthew Arnold
Balder Dead (a poem)

1856 Thomas Bullfinch
The Age of Fable

1857 Friedrich Wilhelm Engelhardt
The Edda Frieze
and other works
See also The Edda Frieze: A Panoramic View

1858 August Winter
Walhalla: Mythologie der Alten Deutschen
1860 Wilhelm Mannhardt
Die Götter Deutsche und Nordische Völker
Illustrations by Ludwig Pietsch

1863 Jes Barkentin
The Alexandra Vase

1863 S. Ricard
Précis de la Mythologie Scandinave

1864 Goodwyn Barmby
The Necklace Brising
A Poem

1865 Ludwig Pietsch
Die Nordischen Göttersagen


1868 The Winter Smoking Room
Cardiff Castle, Wales
Stained Glass Windows

1868-1930 (?)
George Eastman House
Still Photograph Archive
Lantern Slides

1869 Ernst Bratuscheck

Germanische Göttersage


1869 Lucy Larcom
"The Legend of Skadi" (a poem)
1860s-70s Mårten Eskil Winge
Paintings and Illlustrations

1871 Annie & Eliza Keary
The Heroes of Asgard

Illustrations by Louis Huard

Republished in 1930 with new Illustrations by Charles E. Brock
1871 Julia Goddard
Wonderful Stories from Northern Lands
Mythic Illustrations
1872 Andre Addison Crabtre
The Funny Side of Physic
Illustrations of the Days of the Week
1874 Alexander Stuart Murray

Manual of Mythology:
Greek and Roman,
Norse, and Old German, Hindoo and Egyptian Mythology

1875 William Zimmermann
Illustrite Geschichte des Deutsches Volken

1876 Carl Emil Doepler 'The Elder'
Richard Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen
Select Costume Designs
1877 Frederich Korner
Deutsche Götter und Göttersagen
The Wild Hunt

1877 Julius Naue

Das Schicksal der Götter nach der Deutschen Heldensage
"The Fate of the Gods from the German Heroic Saga"
A Fresco Cycle in a Private Home in Hamburg
1878 Julia Clinton Jones
Valhalla: A Saga in 12 Parts

1880 Ludwig Burger and P. Leutemann
Preussens Geschichte in Wort und Bild

1880 Johannes Minkowitz
Katechismus der Mythologie aller Culturvölker

1880s Various Artists
St. Nicolaus Magazine

1881 David Murray Smith
The Silver Star
A Romance of the the Northland

1881 Sir Edward Cooley Burne-Jones
Stained Glass Window Designs
1881 Agnes Kayser-Langerhannß
Odin: Nordische Göttersagen
Illustrations by E. Ph. Fleischer 

1881 Peter August Gödecke

1882 Frederick York Powell
Old Stories from British History

1882 Wilhelm Wagner and Jakob Nover
Nordisch-Germanische Götter und Helden:
 in Schilderungen für Jugend und Volk

Reprinted as Unsre Vorzeit (1887)
Illustrations by Various Artists (Karl Ehrenberg, F. W. Heine, etc)
Illustrations by Carl Emil Doepler 'the Elder'

1882 Helen Zimmern
Tales from the Edda
Illustrations by Kate Greenaway and others
1882 Marie Jeserich Timme
Illustrations of Frau Holle
1883 Johannes Schrammen
Bilder aus der Götter- und Heldensage, aus der Geschichte
 und der Kulturentwickelung des Deutsches Volkes


1885 Adam Oehlenschläger
Nordens Guder
Illustrations by Lorenz Frølich

1885 Felix Dahn and Therese Dahn
Walhall: Germanische Götter- und Heldensagen
Illustrations by Johannes Gehrts

1886 Annette L. Davey
Old Tales and Legends for Young People

1886 Adapted from the work of Wilhelm Wägner
by M. W. Macdowall

Asgard and the Gods
The Tales and Traditions of our Northern Ancestors
 Illustrations by Various Artists

~many of these illustrations are also found in~

1887 Wilhelm Wagner and Jakob Nover
Unzre Vorzeit
Illustrations by Various Artists
Illustrations by Carl Emil Doepler 'the Elder'
1888 James Baldwin
Harper's Fourth Reader

1890 Mary Elizabeth Litchfield
 The Nine Worlds, Stories from Norse Mythology

1890s James Doyle Penrose
Three Paintings 

1890 Karl Ehrenberg
Allgemeine Götterlehre

1893 Ruth J. Pitt
The Tragedy of the Norse Gods
Illustrations by John Angell James Brindley

1893 Frederik Sander
Edda Sämund den vises

1894 Liebig Meat Extracts
Trading Card Set S412

1894 Mara Louise Pratt-Chadwick
Legends of Norseland

1894 Annie Klingensmith
Tales of Norse Gods and Heroes

1894 J.N. Fradenburgh
Departed Gods

1895  Karl Gjellerup
Den Ældre Eddas Gudesange
Illustrations by Lorenz Frølich

1895 Anna C. Murray
New First Reader

1895 A. Hentschel and Karl Linke
Illustrierte Deutsche Litteraturkunde
in Bilde und Stizzen

1895  E. Louise Smythe
A Primary Reader
Old-Time Stories, Fairy Tales & Myths

1895  Helene Adeline Guerber
Myths of Northern Lands
The illustrations in this edition are attributed to various artists.

1897 James Baldwin
School Reading by Grades
Illustrations by F. Bay
1897 Hermine Möbius
Deutsche Götter- und Heldensagen
Illustrations by Ernst Hermann Walther

1898 Carla Wenckebach
A Christmas Book


  1898 Herman I. Stern
The Gods of our Fathers
A Study of Saxon Mythology

1898 Maxfield Parrish
Scribner's Magazine

1889-1898 Ferdinand Leeke
Paintings based on Richard Wagner's Operas
1899 Wilhelm Boehme
Wagner-Opera Trading Cards


Idunn and her Apples
1900 James Doyle Penrose

For single works of art or artists with limited Nordic-themed works
Also See
Miscellaneous Works of Art

1900 Andreas Heusler
Götter und Helden der Germanen
Illustrations by Max Koch

1900 Sarah Powers Bradish

Old Norse Stories
5 Illustrations of Germanic Gods and Goddesses
from a larger set by Johannes Gehrts (1885).

1901 Alexander Zick
Illustrations Reproduced in
Wilhelm Wägner's Germanische Gottersagen   

1901 Mary H. Foster & Mabel H. Cummings
Asgard Stories


Margarethe Müller, Carla Wenckebach
Glück Auf

1901 James Baldwin
The Story of Siegfried
Illustrations by Howard Pyle

1902 Daniel H. Hill
Hill Readers


1902 Abbie Farwell Brown
In the Days of Giants
Illustrations by Elmer Boyd Smith
Illustrations accompanying excerpts of the same text 
by W. Rice in  The Churchman (1902)


1902 Hamilton Wright Mabie

Norse Stories Retold From the Edda
Illustrations by George Wright
1902 Emil Engelmann
Nordland Sagen
Illustrations by R.E. Kepler

1902 Henry Justice Ford
Book of Romance Vol. IV

1902 Howard Pyle
Harper's Magazine
North Folk Legends of the Sea

1902 George Leveson Gower
In Freya's Garden (a poem)

1903 Adolf Lang
  Deutsche Götter- und Heldensagen för Haus und Schule
Illustrations by Robert Engels

1903 Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh
Storytelling to Children from Norse Mythology
and the Nibelungenlied
1903 Gustav Dore
Myths of the Rhine
Translated from the French of X. B. Saintine

by M. Schele de Vere

1903 E. E. Speight
The Children of Odin

Sabine Baring-Gould
Siegfried: A Romance
Illustrations by Charles Robinson

1905 Victor Plarr

The Tragedy of Asgard

1905 James Baldwin
The Wonder Book of Horses

1905 Wilhelm Ranisch
Walhall: Die Götterwelt der Germanen
Illustrated by Carl Emil Doepler ('the younger')
Color Illustrations

1906 Hermann Hendrich
 Wagner's Ring-Cycle

1906 Susan Coolidge
The Price of Freya (a poem)

1906 Hamilton Wright Mabie
Myths Every Child Should Know
Illustrated by George Hamilton Frye

Franklin T. Baker, George R. Carpenter, Jennie F. Owens
Second Language Reader

1907 Arthur Rackham
Land of Enchantment

1907 Peter Johansen
Nordisk Oldtid og Dansk Kunst
Various Illustrators

1907 Fr. Winkel Horn
Saxo Grammaticus'
Danmarks Krônike Books 1-16
Illustrated by Louis Moe


1908 Thomas Cartwright
One for Wod and One for Lok;
or Asgard, Midgard and Utgard

 Color Illustrations by Patten Wilson
1908 Olive Bray
The Elder or Poetic Edda [*
Illustrations by W.G. Collingwood

1908 Katarina Dahlström
Nordiska Gudasagor berättelse för Ungdomen
"Nordic Mythology retold for the Young"
in serial form 
in Ungdomsvännen: Vols. 12-13, 1907-08
 11 Rare Illustrations of Old Norse Gods and Goddesses
1908 Ludwig Fahrenkrog
Baldur: Drama

1909 John P. Edmison
Stories of the Norseland

 1909 Maria Klugh
Tales from the Far North

1909 Georgine Birchill
Progressive Road to Reading

1908 Hélène Adeline Guerber
Myths of the Norsemen from the Eddas and Sagas 
Illustrations by John Charles Dollman
Illustrations by Dorothy Hardy

1910 Grace Denio Litchfield
Baldur the Beautiful (a poem)

1910 Emma K. Gordon
The Gordon Readers-New Series
Fourth Reader

 1911 Viktor Rydberg
Die Göttersage der Väter
German Translation of
Fädernas Gudsaga (1887) by Josef Hiersche
Translated into English as Our Father's Godsaga by William P. Reaves (2003)
 Illustrations by John Bauer

Colorized by Guddipoland

1911 Arthur Rackham
Wagner's The Ring

1912 Charles Maurice Stebbins & Herbert E. Martini
Golden Treasury Readers

1912 Ritza Freeman and Ruth Davis
Norse Tales Retold for Little Children

1912 Frieda Amerlan
Götter und Helden der Alten Germanen
Illustrated by M. Wulff

1913 American Telephone and Telegraph Ad
"The Magic Flight of Thought"

1913 Alice S. Hoffman
The Book of the Sagas
Illustrations by Gordon Browne

1913 John Walter Davis
Evenings with Grandpa
The Davis-Julien Series of Readers
Part II: For Fourth Year Reader


1913 Erik Brate
Eddan, De Nordiska Guda- och Hjältesångerna
Illustrations from Frederik Sanders' Edda Sämund den Vises (1893)

1913 Karl Mortenson
A Handbook of Norse Mythology
1913 Rudolf Herzog
Die Nibelungen
Illustrations by Franz Stassen 

1914 Franz Stassen
Richard Wagner's Ring of the Nibelungen

1914 Ella Flagg Young and Walter Taylor Field
 Young and Field Literary Readers:
Book Three

1914 Samuel Fallows & Henry W. Ruoff
Human Interest Library

1914 Martha A. Curry and Charles M. Holton
The Curry Holton Readers
Fourth Reader
1914 Logan Marshall
Myths and Legends of all Nations
Illustration of Wayland the Smith
1915 Carl Larson
Midvinterblot and other works

1915 Helen Stratton
A Book of Myths

1915 Emil Pollack-Ottendorf
Opera Stories from Wagner

1915-1925 A. K. Marussig
Set of 8 German Postcards
Depicting works by Felix Dahn, Author of Walhall

1916 Rhonda Campbell Chase
Merrill Readers: Fourth Reader
by Franklin B. Dyer and Mary J. Brady


1916 Katherine F. Boult
Asgard and the Norse Heroes
[Choice of file types on left-hand side of the page]
 Frederick Richardson
Reading-Literature Fourth Reader

Adapted and graded by Harriet Taylor Treadwell and Margaret Free

1918 Charles A. Lawrence
Edson-Laing Reader, Vol. 1

1919 Rudolf Herzog
Germaniens Götter


1919 Franklin Thomas Baker
Eighth Reader: Introduction to Literature


1920  Hans von Wolzogen

Die Edda: Germanische Götter- und Heldensagen 

Illustrations by Franz Stassen

c. 1920 N. C. Wyeth
Thor's Journey with the Giant Skrymir

1920 Donn P. Crane
My Book House

1920 Sheffer
My Book House: Treasure Chest


1920 M. Dorothy Belgrave and Hilda Hart
Children's Stories from Northern Legends
Illustrations by Harry G. Theaker

1920 Padraic Collum

The Children of Odin
(scan)(.pdf file)
Illustrations by Willy Pogány

1921 Emilie Kip Baker
Out of the Northland

1922 Agnes Harder
Die Kinders Thor

Illustrations by Franz Stassen
1922 Charles H. Sylvester
Journeys through Bookland, Vol 2

1925 Amy Cruse
Book of Myths

1929 Louis Moe
Ragnarok: en Billeddigtning
An Illustrated Poem

1930 A. & E. Keary
The Heroes of Asgard
Illustrations by Charles E. Brock
After the 1871 edition illustrated by Louis Huard



1930 Gustav Schalk
Walhalla: Germanisches Götter und Heldensage
für schule und haus
Illustrations by Wolfgang Ortmann
Illustrations by Max Koch

1930 Katherine Pyle
Tales from Norse Mythology

Liebig Meat Products
L'Edda Trading Cards

1938 Gustav Schalk
Meisterbuch Deutscher Götter und Heldensagen
Illustrations by Wilhelm Petersen

1940s Nadir Quinto
Tales from Many Lands

1940 Pierce Rice
"Thor" in Wierd Comics #1-5

1940 Katharine F. Boult
Asgard and the Norse Heroes

1941 Vilhelm Grønbech
Nordiske Myter og Sagn
Illustrated by Ernst Hansen

1942 Edmond Hamilton
"The Daughter of Thor"
Text and Illustrations

1942 Jack Kirby
"The Villian from Valhalla"
DC Comics

1950 Dagfin Werenskiold
Wooden Reliefs in the Oslo Rådhus

1951 Olivia E. Coolridge
Legends of the North
Illustrations by Edouard Sandoz

Barbara Leonie Picard
Tales of the Norse Gods and Heroes
Illustrations by Joan Kiddell-Monroe
1956 Hamilton Wright Mabie
Myths Every Child Should Know
Illustrations by Colleen Browning

1959 Nancy Wilson Ross
Thor's Visit to the Land of the Giants
Illustrations by Aldren A. Watson

1960 Roger Lancelyn Green
Myths of the Norsemen
1962-Present Jack Kirby
"The Mighty Thor"
(On-Going Series)
Marvel Comics Group

1967 Edgar Parin D'Aulaire
D'Aulaire's Norse Gods & Giants

1970 Cynthia King
In the Morning of Time:
The Story of the Norse God Balder
Illustrations by Charles Mikolavcae

1974 Sonja Ulsaker Peterson  
Norrona Sketchbook:
Drawings and Poems on Subjects from the Norse Mythology

1974 Margaret Hodges
Baldur and the Mistletoe: a Myth of the Vikings

Illustrated by Gerry Hoover

1978 Brian Branstock
Gods and Heroes from Viking Mythology
Illustrated by Giovanni Caselli

Peter Madsen's

1980 Kevin Crossley-Holland
The Norse Myths
1981 Greg Hildebrandt
Gods and Goddesses
1987 Cheryl Evan, Anne Millard, and Rodney Matthews
Usborne Illustrated Guide to Norse Myths and Legends

1994 Shirley Climo
 Stolen Thunder : A Norse Myth
Illustrated by Alexander Koshkin

1995 Kris Waldherr
The Book of Goddesses

Freyja Illustration

1996 Mary Pope Osborne
Favorite Norse Myths
Illustrated by Troy Howell

1997 Philip Ardagh
Norse Myths & Legends
Illustrated by Stephen May

1999 Mikhail Fiodorov
A World Treasury of
Myths, Legends and Folktales

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2001 Leonard Everett Fisher
Gods and Goddesses of the Ancient Norse

2003 Anker Eli Petersen
Faroe Island Stamps
Völuspá Series

2004 Jeff Menges
Norse Gods and Goddesses
(a Coloring Book)
2005 Ingri D'Aulaire

D'Aulaires' Book of Norse Myths 

2005 Bruce Coville
Thor's Wedding Day

2006 Snorri Sturlusson
The Adventures of Thor the Mighty
in the Land of the Giants
Illustrated by Gunnar Karlsson

2007 Hrana Janto
How Thor Got His Hammer Back
2007 Jeff Limke
Thor and Loki : In the Land of Giants
Ilustrated by Ron Randall

2007 Lise Lunge-Larsen
The Adventures of Thor the Thunder God
Illustrations by Jim Madsen

2010 Christopher E. Long & Mike Dubisch
2010 Marion Pearce
The Gods of the Vikings
Exploring the Norse Gods, Myths and Legends
Through the Days of the Week

2011  Jim Ollhoff
Norse Mythology
2012 Erik Evensen
The Gods of Asgard
A Graphic Novel

Selected Illustrations

The Artistic Works of

2013 Howard David Johnson
Tales of Asgard

2013-2015 Howard David Johnson
The Heroic Sagas of the Northland
2014-2015  Howard David Johnson
Legends of Norse Mythology

2015 National Geographic's
Treasury of Norse Mythology
 by Donna Napoli
Illustrations by Christina Balit

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