Franz Stassen

Illustrations for
Die Edda: Germanische Götter- und Heldensagen
by Hans von Wolzogen

The Complete Mythic Illustrations
and a Sampling of the Heroic Illustrations 
The Text Contains 48 Illustrations in All

For Additional Work by this Artist see:

Rudolf Herzog's Die Nibelungen (1913)

Franz Stassen's Ring of the Nibelungen (1914)
Agnes Harder's Die Kinders Thor (1922)

Frey and Gerda
Skirnir and the Shepherd 
Skirnir and Gerd
Svipdag at the Gate 
Svipdag and Menglad

Slaying Kvasir
Odin Bores with Rati at Suttung's 
Odin Drunk at Gunnlöd's  

"The heron of forgetfulness hovers over ale-gatherings
and steals the wits of men:
with that fowl's feathers I was once fettered
within the court of Gunnlöd"
(Hávamál 13,  A. Orchard Translation)

Loki Arrives at Thrym's

The Gods Dress Thor as Freyja
Thor and Harbard
Odin and Frigg 
Thor and Hymir Fishing 
Loki's Punishment
Odin and the Völva
Odin Hanging on the World-Tree
Idunn falls from the World-Tree (Hrafnagaldr Óðinns) 
Heimdall Blows the GjallarHorn
Baldur's Death
Nanna Grieves For Baldur 
The Norns: Urd, Verdandi and Skuld with Mimir's Head 
Odin and His Brothers Slay Ymir 
The Battle of Ragnarök
Odin and His Brothers Create Ask and Embla

The Text Contains Additional Illustrations
from the Heroic Poems of the Edda.
These are a Selection:

Völund the Smith 
Völund Takes Flight
The Birth of Helgi Hundingsbane
Gunnar in the Snakepit
King Frodi's Mill 
The Veil of Fate Lifted! 

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