Katharine Pyle (1863-1938)
Illustrations for

Tales from Norse Mythology
Retold and Illustrated by
Katharine Pyle
Katharine Pyle (November 23, 1863 – February 19, 1938):  An American artist, poet, and children's author.  Born in Wilmington, Delaware, where she resided almost her whole life (except a few years in the mid-1890s), Katharine was the youngest of four children and the kid sister of famed author and illustrator Howard Pyle, who was 10 years her senior. She was educated at the Women's Industrial School and the Drexel Institute, then studied at the Philadelphia School of Design for Women and the New York Art Students' League. She exhibited art at the World's Columbian Exposition of 1893 and was an active member of the Wilmington Society of Fine Arts. She worked professionally as an illustrator after 1895, and her first big success came less than three years later in 1898 with The Counterpane Fairy. In the course of her career, Miss Pyle produced over 30 books and illustrated many others. Her work also appeared in popular magazines such as the Ladies' Home Journal and Harper's Bazaar. Throughout her career, she wrote and illustrated a number of children's books treating mythology and folklore including:  Fairy Tales from Many Lands (1911), Tales of Folk and Fairies (1919), Tales of Wonder and Magic (1920), Tales from Greek Mythology (1928), and Tales from Norse Mythology (1930), reprinted as Heroic Tales from the Norse (1934).
The University of Delaware, Special Collections Department, houses the bulk of her personal and professional writings: The Katharine Pyle Papers 1904-1928. The collection is open for research. 

Frey mounts the height of Hildskialf 
[marred by libary stamp]

The giant Ymir is cast into Ginnungagap 


Loki clips away Sif's golden hair


Thiassi begs for the magic apples

Freyja (and Loki) drive out in search of Brisingamen


Odin drinks the magic mead


Thor strives to lift Utgard-Loki's cat


Hyrokkin launches the ship Hringhorn

Thor (from inside cover)