De Diis Germanis
sive veteri Germanorum, Gallorum,
Britannorum, Vandalorum Religione
"The Gods of the Germans whether it be
the Old Religion of the German, Gauls, Briton, (or) Vandals."

Elias Schedius
(1728 edition)
Although this work discusses the so-called Saxon gods who gave their names to the days of the week, as illustrated in Richard Verstegan's Restitution of Decayed Intelligence in Antiquities (1605), it pictures a handful of other gods thought to have been counted among the Germanic deities.

A chapter titled Dissertatio de Cvltv Solis, Freji et Othini (A Discourse on the Cult of Sol, Friga and Odin) by Johan George Keysler begins on page 759. In the essay, the author makes mention of Snorri's Edda of which he says:
"Edda is nothing else than the ancient mythology of the North. It is authored by the compiler of Saemund the wise and others, Snorri Sturlason. He was born in Iceland in the year of our Lord 1057."

His knowledge of the text, however, seems to be limited to what others have said of it.

A Druidic Sacrifice


   For additional information on these Germanic gods see
Trogillus Arnkiel's  Cimbrische Heyden-Religion (1691)