Carl Emil Doepler 'The Younger'
Illustrations from
Walhall: Die Götterwelt der Germanen
by Wilhelm Ranisch

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Heimdall and the Heavenly Bridge
  Ing or Scef
Odin and Frigg at Heaven's Window

Frigg, Fulla and Gna

Freyja in her Car drawn by Cats

Thor in his chariot


Freyr and Gerd

Bragi and Idunn

Ullr and Skadi

Odin hanging on the World-Tree

  Odin and Gunnlöd
Odin Questions Mimir

Odin at Geirröd's

The Norns and the World-Ash
Odin and the Völva

  The Volva
  Odin among the Volsungs
War of the Aesir and Vanir

  Idisi (First Merseberg Charm)
  Odin Heals Baldur's Horse (Second Merseburg Charm)

Thor in Skyrmir's Glove

Thor and Geirrod's Daughter

Thor and Hymir Fishing

Thor takes his hammer from Thrym

Thor and Hrungnir

Aegir and Ran

Baldr's Death

A Dirge for Baldr and Nanna

Loki's Offspring

The Binding of the Fenris Wolf

Loki's Flyting  in Aegir's Hall

Sigyn and Loki

  Odin goes to meet the Fenris Wolf and Frey faces Surt
  Thor Faces the Midgard Serpent
  The Twilight of the Gods
  After Ragnarök
A new earth rises from the sea
The Wild Hunt

  The Procession of the Goddess Nerthus

'Fettered ' Grove of the Semones

  St. Boniface after felling Thor's Oak

The Temple at Uppsala