Themes in Old Norse Mythological Art
And the Thunder Rolls
Thor's Chariot

David Howard
 "Thor has two he-goats, that are called Tooth-Gnasher and Tooth-Gritter, and a chariot wherein he drives, and the he-goats draw the chariot; therefore is he called Öku-Thor. " —Gylfaginning 21

Bronze Age Petroglyphs at Bohuslän, Sweden

Iron Age, Thor's Goats from Tissø

1770 Johannes Wiedewelt

The following two images are remarkably similar.
Thor's chariot, appears at his feet, on the first step.
1810 Unknown Artist
Di Dei Della Mitologia Norrena
1822 Nils Henrik Sjöborg
Samlingar för Nordens Fornälskare

   1820s Artist Unknown
David Gräter's Idunna and Hermode

1831 Artist Unknown
Author: Gustav Thormod Legis

1832 Amalia von Schoppe 

1833 H.E. Freund
Scene from the Ragnarök Frieze

1850s Carl Christian Peters
Cermanics Design


1928 Photograph
2002 After Restoration
1850-1852 Robert Müller
Neues Museum, Berlin
(Heavily damaged in WWII and left in ruin until the reunification of Germany)

1856 Lorenz Frølich
Heimdall blowing the Gjallarhorn
 as Thor drives away with Loki

1856 Artist Unknown
Bullfinch's Age of Fable 

1858 August Winter


1860 Ludwig Pietsch  

1868-1930 George Eastman
Lantern Slide

1870s M.E. Winge

1872 M. E. Winge

Note the beard in the drawing below

1882 F. R.
Author: Frederick York Powell


1882 Karl Ehrenberg  

1882 Carl Emil Doepler 'The Elder'

1800s Date and Artist Unknown

1885 Johannes Gehrts

1890 Karl Ehrenberg

1894 Nordische Göttersage Trading Cards
 Liebig Meat Extracts

1895 Lorenz Frølich (3 Images)


1897 Ernst Hermann Walther  

1899 Wilhelm Boehme

1900 Max Koch  

1901 Carl Johan Bonnesen
Thor in combat with the Jötunns'

Ny Carlsberg's New Brew House, Copenhagen, Denmark

1902 W. Rice

1903 Robert Engels


1905 Carl Emil Doepler 'The Younger'

1906 George Hamilton Frye

1907 A.W.

 1908 Sarah Powers Bradish
After Johannes Gehrts


1910 Henry Wadsworth Moore

1912 Stockholm Olympiad


1912 Herbert E. Martini

1914 Artist Unknown
Curry-Holton Reader

1914 Rosemary Carr
in World Stories for Children

1916 Rhonda Campbell Chase

1920 Sheffer


1925 Amy Cruse

1926 Carl Johan Bonnesen
Thor at War with the Jötuns
Grounds of Glud & Marstrand, Odense, Denmark

1928 R.B. Haberstock

1930 Charles H. Brock

1930 Wolfgang Ortmann

1931 Louis Moe
Thor's Chariot and Heimdall

Date Unknown, O. Theuer

1938 Wilhelm Petersen

1950 Dagfin Werenskiold

1967 Ingri and Edgar Parin d'Aulaire

1979-2009 Peter Madsen

1990s Walt Simonson
Marvel Comics

1993 Gillian McClure (2 Images)

1994 Alexander Koshkin

2003 Manfredi Toraldo & Sergio Tisselli
Tarot of the Vikings, The Chariot

2006 Gunnar Karlsson

2007 Ron Randall

2007 Jim Madsen

2007 Hrano Janto

2009 HeroClix Toys

2010-2013 Marvel Comics (3 Images)


2013 David Howard Johnson

David Howard