Johannes Scheffer
The History of Lappland

The following scenes of heathen worship, first appeared in the original Latin text. Mirror images of the same illustrations were printed in the English, French and German translations of the work.

This illustration depicts worship before a Thor idol in Lappland in 1673.
For the text of Lapponia, see

This illustration depicts worship of the god
 Stor-junkare (Great Ruler) in Lappland in the year 1673.
These scenes were reimagined and additional scenes
were envisioned below for the Dutch Translation in 1682.
In 1783, they reappeared in Bernard Picart's
Cérémonies et Coutumes Religieuses de Tous les Peuples du Monde
These illustrations depict veneration of the gods Jumala (Top left), Wirku-Akka (Top Right),
Thoron (i.e. Thor, Bottom Left), and Stor-Junkare (Bottom Right)

These images depict a Lappish wedding (Top Left), a Christian Baptism (Top Right),
a Funeral (Bottom Left), and a Magic Ceremony (Bottom Right)