Willy Pogány

The Children of Odin
The Book of Northern Myths
by Padraic Colum


Idunn gathers golden apples

Odin drinks from Mimir's Well




 Sköll and Hati persue Sol and Mani

Svadilfari Building Asgard's Wall

The Theft of Idun

Loki cuts Sif's hair

Loki harries Brokk

Until Three Giant Women Came

Skirnir Rides to Jotunheim

Heimdall and Hnossa

Until three giantesses came

Odin the Wanderer

Odin the Godhead
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Odin goes to meet Mimir

Odin at King Geirröd's

Odin enters Gunnlöd's abode

Vidar awaits Ragnarök

Thor wrestles Elli

Thor at Thrym's

Thor fishes for the Midgard Serpent

Loki and the Dwarf Andvari

The Aesir spear and burn Gullveig-Heid

Loki eats the witch's heart

Geirrod captures Loki

Thor drives Loki from Aegir's feast


Loki's Children

Baldur's Doom

Loki Bound

Fenrir and the Midgard Serpent

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Sigurd on Grani

The Dragon Fafnir

Sigurd Slays Fafnir

Sigmund seized the tongue of the wolf

Sigmund and Sinfiotli

The Death of Sinfjolti

Brynhild in the house of flame

Gudrun delivers the potion to Sigurd

Sigurd wins Brynhild

Sigurd and Brynhild's pyre

When the Bow Breaks