L. F. Perkins
Illustrations from
 A Primary Reader
Old-Time Stories, Fairy Tales & Myths

by E. Louise Smythe

  The Apples of Idun
  Idun and her apples   
  Thor Loki and Another God Take a Walk


  The Three Gods Try to Cook the Ox

  Loki and Idun

  The Gods ask where Idun is

  The Giant Sees the Bird Fly Away

  How Thor Got the Hammer  
  Loki Cuts Sif's Hair Off

  "Oh Thor, All my Hair is Gone"

  "Did You Cut Off Sif's Hair?"

  Loki and the Dwarfs

  The Dwarfs Bring to Loki the Ship, the Spear, and the Crown of Hair

  Brokk Tells Loki That His Brother Can Make Better Gifts

  The Dwarfs with the Golden Pig, The Ring, and the Hammer

  Sif with the Golden Crown

  Brokk Shows His Things to the Gods

  Thor with his Hammer

  The Frost Giant
  The Hammer Lost and Found  
  The Frost Giants Talked and Planned All Night

  The Frost Giant Flew Into The House While Thor Was Asleep

  Loki Borrows the Falcon Suit

  Thor as a Bride

  Thor and Loki Approach the House of the Giants

Thor and Loki Met by Thrym

  Thrym Puts the Hammer in Thor's Lap

  Thor Regains his Hammer