Peter Madsen
Illustrator and Writer of

by Henning Kure and Peter Madsen


Cry Wolf

is a Danish comic series by Henning Kure (script) and Peter Madsen (script and artwork), chronicling stories of the Norse gods in a humorous manner. The series began as a newspaper comic, with the first story Cry Wolf, being printed as a serial in the Danish newspaper Politiken in 1978. It was collected and reprinted as a trade paperback the following year.
From 1979 to 2009, fifteen trade paperbacks and one animated feature were produced, treating all the major and most of the minor myths.  The award-winning Valhalla series has been published in eleven different languages. The trade paperbacks are, as follows:

  1. Ulven er Løs ("Cry Wolf")  1. Ulven er løs
2. Thors Brudefærd ("Thor's Wedding")  2. Thors brudefærd
3. Odins væddemål   ("Odin's Wager")  3. Odins væddemål
4. Historien om Quark ("The Story of Quark")  4. Historien om Quark
5. Rejsen Til Udgårdsloke ("The Journey to Utgards-Loki")  5. Rejsen til Udgårdsloke
6. De Gyldne Æbler ("The Golden Apples")  6. De gyldne æbler
7. Ormen i Dybet ("The Serpent in the Abyss")  7. Ormen i dybet
8. Frejas Smykke ("Freya's Necklace")  8. Frejas smykke
9. Den Store Udfordring ("The Big Challenge")  9. Den store udfordring
10. Gudernes Gaver ("The Gifts for the Gods")  10. Gudernes gaver
11. Mysteriet om Digtermjøden ("The Mystery of the Poetic Mead")   11. Mysteriet om digtermjøden
12. Gennem Ild og Vand ("Through Fire and Water")  12. Gennem ild og vand
13. Balladen om Balder ("The Ballad of Balder")  13. Balladen om Balder
14. Muren ("The Wall")  14. Muren
15. Vølvens syner ("The Sibyl's Visions") 15. Vølvens syner

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Thor's Wedding

Odin's Wager

The Story of Quark


The Journey to Utgard-Loki's

The Golden Apples

The Serpent in the Abyss

Freyja's Necklace
The Big Challenge

The Gods' Gifts

The Mystery of the Poetic Mead

Through Fire and Water

The Ballad of Baldur

The Wall

The Völva's Vision

Valhalla: The Collected Saga

Valhalla Movie