Wilhelm Kaulbach
Der hürnen Siegfried
und sein Kampf mit dem Drachen.
by Guido Görres

This text contains 8 illustrations later used in


The Heroic Life and Exploits of
Siegfried the Dragon-Slayer

by Wilhelm Kaulbach (1848)





The heroic child longs for a heroic sword


The youth did not waiver. His heroic spirit won him honor in battle.


The stag with the golden crown was not as fast as the son of Sigmund


He sat on the stone undisturbed as the smith cut with the sharp-sword


Wieland flies from King Nidung


The wild bull struggled in Siegfried's strong hand


He swung the hammer with such force, the anvil broke.


He ate the dragon's heart and its blood made his clothes steel-proof


Frey, Odin and Thor



Siegfried Slaying Fafnir