Wierd Comics #1
created by Wright Lincoln (Writer) & Pierce Rice (Artist)

Thor appeared in the lead slot in the first five issues of  Fox Syndicate's "Wierd Comics" beginning in April 1940.

The god Thor, looking down from Valhalla, decides to grant an ordinary mortal named Grant Farrel his great powers. For this purpose, Thor descends to earth and brings Farrel to Valhalla. There Thor transforms Farrel into a copy of himself before returning him to earth with his magic hammer. Back home, Farrel's first mission as Thor is to rescue his girlfriend Glenda from a gang of spies.  After defeating the spies with his new-found powers and freeing Glenda, Farrel reports back to Valhalla. Pleased with his performance, Thor gives Farrel his hammer to keep so that he may continue to fight crime on earth. Besides wielding Thor's magic hammer, Farrel and is able to generate thunderstorms and speed from place to place on a bolt of lightning as needed.

After 5 issues, the series was replaced by "'Dynamite' Thor" an unrelated character, whose last name happened to be "Thor". He earned the nickname "Dynamite" because of his use of the stuff.

The following pages depict the god Thor:
Page 2 of issue #1
Page 4 of issue #1

The entire 12-page story can be read HERE.