E. Phillip Fleischer
in Agnes Kayser-Langerhannß's
Odin: Nordische Göttersagen


Some Images are Distorted.

The second edition of Agnes Kayser-Langerhannß's 'Odin', published at Munich, 1881, includes 10 drawing by E. Phillip Fleischer. They are Thor, The Night, Odin's Walk by Mimir's Well,  Odin and Frigga, The Golden Age, Hermod's Ride to Helheim, Baldur's Funeral Pyre, Aegir's Feast, Loki's Punishment, and Surt's Fire World Conflagration.
The Night 
Odin's Walk by Mimir's Well

Odin and Frigga


The Golden Age

Loki and the Six Artworks of the Dwarves
Hermod's Ride to Helheim

Baldur's Funeral Pyre

Aegir's Feast
Loki's Punishment
Surt's Fire World Conflagration