The Mythic Art of Denyse Treble-Shorrocks
Gods and Goddesses of the North
Denyse Treble-Shorrocks
An Artist and Occultist living and working on the north coast of Cornwall, England. Images of her work have been published in leading Pagan and Occult magazines and websites, and sold as cards and prints. She has also produced a tarot deck entitled ‘The Key of Knowledge",  consisting of 78 oil paintings, 30 inches x 24 inches. Her rune paintings were produced as a set of Rune cards by Eastgate Resource Ltd.

The Mighty Power of Thor
The Golden Tears of Freyja
God of Fertility, Lord of Alfheimr
The Golden Apples of Idunn

Gullveig-Heidr, Goddess of Witches 
The Norns of Yggdrasil
Let the Fates Decide
The Sacrifice

"From a Word to a Word"
GRIMNIR (the hooded one)
 triangular canvas 17/8/2018

Dawn of the Shieldmaiden 

In the Realm of Hel

The first giant formed from water and fire, from his blood came the ocean, from his bones came the mountains, from his hair came the trees, from his brain came the clouds, from his skull came the universe, from his eyebrows came our planet, from under his arm man and woman, from his legs a six-headed son.  


Ing / Freyr
Barnet av Loki (Child of Loki)
Light of Mani
Revenge of Vidharr
Ullr God of Winter
Skadi, Goddess of Winter

And Ran shall have the drowned

Laufey Stor Tre Gudinne (Laufey, Great Tree Goddess )   
In the Realm of Niorun, Goddess of Sleep, Dreams, and Night
Dark Elf Jarl of Svartalfheimr

Freyja av Skogen (Freyja of the Forest) 
Surt of the Jotunn
Ursa Major