Various Artists
Illustrations for
Asgard and the Gods
Tales and Traditions of our Northern Ancestors
Adapted from the work of Wilhelm Wägner

by M. W. Macdowall

See Also Unsre Vorziet and Carl Emil Doepler 'the Elder

  Wodan's Wild Hunt (Frontispiece)

  Frigga Engaged in Hunting



  The Ash Yggdrasil

  A Northern Landscape


  The Sleeping Giant

  Surtur with his Flaming Sword

  Gylfi Beholding Asgard

  Odin Between the Two Fires at Geirröd's Palace

  Odin visits Gunnlöd

  Frigg and her Maidens

  Hilde, One of the Valkyries

  Holda, The Kind Protectress

  Thor and Loki's Journey in Women's Clothes

  Skyrmir Attacked by Thor While Asleep
  Chaining of the Fenris Wolf

  Tyr, the Sword God

  Bragi and Heimdal Receiving the Warriors in Valhalla

  Uller the Bowman

  Njörder and Skadi on Their Way to Noatun

  Skirnir Conjures Gerd to Follow Him

  Valkyries Conducting the Fallen Heroes to Valhalla

  Ægir and Ran

  Freyja Among the Dwarfs

  Ægir's Banquet

  Loki in Chains

  Raganrök, the Last Battle

  Freya in her Chariot