Þrymskviða : The Lay of Thrym
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The text of the poem is contained in
Codex Regius MS No. 2365 4to [R]

page 33 Lokasenna 63—Þrymskviða 12

page 34 Þrymskviða 13 —Þrymskviða 31

page 35 Þrymskviða 31—Völundarkviða 7

Old Icelandic Editions

1857 Sophus Bugge in Norrœn Fornkvæði as Þrymskviða

1876 Karl Hildebrand as Þrymskviða (pp.21-27)

1954 Guðni Jónsson in Eddukvæði as Þrymskviða

Later paper manuscripts of the poem also use the title Hamarsheimt, "the Hammer's Homecoming."     

  • The meter is fornyrðislag.
  • A Scandinavian folksong titled Hammar-Hemtningen tells the same tale.
  • A Danish Folksong called Thörd of Hafsgaard is also based on this myth. An English translation, "Thor and the Ogre" is found in Jacob Grimm's Old Danish Ballads (1856). A summary of the ballad can be found on pages 118-119 of "Scandinavian Mythology", Foriegn Quarterly Review, Vol. 4, pp. 102-139  (1829). Another titled Tord of Meerseburg can be found in English translation from 1871. 
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